To clarify, our goal is to raise awareness and gain introductions to key contacts within the recycling, materials handling and aggregate industries. These will be Engineering, Technical, Operational & Maintenance Managers and Directors.


Would it be possible to gain some sort of understanding of costs if we went down the route of purchasing information for the Waste & Scrap Wholesaling industry?  (This is the description of an industry that takes in material, processes it for resale for the next process). This is so I can decide how much work is done this end?


Materials for recycling / handling include; -


  • Ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • Rubber and tyres
  • Plastics / packaging & bottles
  • Materials / mattresses
  • Flags & banners


Industry Sectors being; -


  • Manufacturing / OEM - New build shredders / conveyors / hydraulic power packs)
  • Maintenance, Repair & Refurbishment  - Recycling & materials handling equipment / conveyors / rotating plant (gearboxes – motors – pumps)
  • Machining – turning / milling – manufacture of shafts, bearings, turned parts, base plates and complex items
  • Fabrication – walkways, steps, railings, ladders, hoppers, fabricated structures, machine parts and machines
  • Engineering Consultancy – Research & Development / re-engineering / modification of plant & machinery
  • Engineering Design – 3D design, provision of technical drawings
  • Condition Monitoring – On-Site condition monitoring and reporting