10 Must-Have Social Profiles For Businesses and Individuals

10 Must-Have Social Profiles For Businesses and Individuals

A strong online presence is essential for businesses and business professionals.

Having a positive and approachable presence online is a great way to bump customer satisfaction ratings. For individuals, a strong and positive online presence is an easy way to win over potential clients and peers in a professional setting. This is something I’ve always focused on with my brands. Not only do I want to make sure I have complete visibility with my main blog at ZacJohnson.com, but I also want to make sure I am creating high ranking social networking profiles as well. By doing this I can almost assure that I will have multiple rankings within the first several pages of any search results for my name.

If you’re a business owner or an individual, consider these top ten must-have domains:

The top 10 domains for individuals, in no particular order:

  • Completed: The biographical style of Completed lets potential employers read through a diary of professional achievements with a sharp design.

  • LinkedIn: Connect with top professionals. Job postings can be put directly onto LinkedIn, ensuring the best minds get an opportunity to apply.

  • Twitter: Tweets about current issues can help professionals gain followers, which equates to legitimacy in social media.

  • Google Plus: Having a social profile tied to the biggest search engine in the world can be incredibly beneficial to business pros.

  • Facebook: Probably one of the first places people will search for an individual, so keep it classy and professional.

  • Pinterest: Perfect for those artists and professionals in a visual medium who are looking to boost their profiles.

  • YouTube: The best platform available for someone to create their own videos and make a lasting impression.

  • Blogger: Writing a blog can give individuals an outlet to expand on their professions and interests.

  • Tumblr: The site has been known for its SEO friendliness, which can help anyone promote him or herself.

  • Quora: Offers anyone the ability to become a trusted source in a specialized field.

  • Brandyourself.com: Ensure that only the best and most important links show up first in Google searches.

You can take a look at my Zac Johnson Completed.com profile below. Right away you will notice that Completed.com offers a lot more personal information than many other social networking profiles.

Business domains, in no particular order:

  • Completed: Lay out the history of a company and explain what goals it has achieved and is currently working towards.

  • CrunchBase: An editable database of companies, people and investors in the technology world. Great place for a tech company to put up information and establish itself.

  • Twitter: One of the easiest ways for companies to address questions and concerns from their loyal customer bases.

  • Google Plus: With much of the population using Google for their search queries and email, it makes sense to be on the associated social network.

  • Facebook: Consumers choose to follow businesses and companies on Facebook so they can get the latest updates sent right to their news feed.

  • LinkedIn: Connect with top professionals. Job postings can be put directly onto LinkedIn, ensuring the best minds get an opportunity to apply.

  • YouTube: Create engaging content that can get the message across to demographics better than text ever could.

  • Quora: Consumers have questions, and your company has the answers. This site makes communicating and building brand loyalty even easier.

  • Vimeo: A PRO account with Vimeo gives businesses 50GB of storage, advanced analytics and more.

  • Daily Motion: The second largest video-sharing website behind YouTube allows users to sign up with Facebook.

Brand management is important for everyone no matter what stage in the game. Using the websites above is a vital first step in controlling your brand online and making sure you are ranking heavily for your personal and business name in the search results.

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