Business Development

Organisations often grow quickly to a certain size and then find it hard to identify and make the next big leap forward, carrying them to the next level.

It’s not unusual for the logjam to be the business itself – perhaps because it doesn't have the time or resources to explore and implement new initiatives, enter new markets or take on new products. Or, it could be that the current management and sales teams don’t have the experience to move into a different (or vertical) market.

121mcv can be the enabler which unlocks these potential avenues for growth, by providing industry-specific expertise, vital bandwidth – along with the experience of defining and implementing business change. Our focus is to help grow your business – by helping you to:

    • Identify, source and launch new products.

    • Define, design, create and market new services.

    • Research and identify gaps in your current market.

    • Move into higher value vertical markets.

    • Develop winning value propositions for new products and services.

    • Win more business by improving sales skills and processes.

    • Find and select channel partners.

    • Identify market trends and ways of exploiting these.

    • Move your business forward by providing interim management or temporary sales bandwidth.

121mcv will work within your industry bringing our extensive experience to bear on your business challenges creating and implementing strategies for real, and sustained, business growth.