International Sales

International Sales

Why Outsource International Sales to 121mcv Sales and Marketing?

In today’s fast changing marketplace, companies considering international sales must evaluate a multitude of issues and information in order to make sound strategic decisions to capitalise on opportunities.

Most countries work under a complex mix of approvals, permits, security initiatives, compliance regulations and customs formalities surrounding import and export transactions.

Additional factors such as language barriers, cultural differences, multiple currencies and changing exchange rates all serve to make international trade even more of a challenge.

High- and low-context cultures

As the global economy evolves, the international supply chain grows more sophisticated, requiring specialized knowledge of these complex regulations and procedures.

More and more business is done through partnering and collaboration because increasingly value creation requires specialized skills that no single company can master alone.

To be successful, an exporter must be prepared to directly undertake or closely supervise every aspect of the foreign sales effort, including market research,

regulatory compliance, marketing, sales, shipping, distribution, credit risk management and receivables collection.

Consequently, significant commitments of both management time and resources are required to achieve optimal results. Many companies find it challenging to commit adequate staff time and resources to a dedicated international sales program.

For those who cannot make that commitment 121mcv Sales and Marketing are indispensable for realizing positive results.

Advantages to Using 121mcv Sales and Marketing

    • A turnkey outsourced solution is less costly than creating a department in-house

    • An experienced specialist is more effective and produces faster results

    • No new specialized staff required, lower administrative costs

    • Eliminates international travel, sales expense and staff time away

    • Reduces risk of loss and costly errors

    • Ensures compliance with government standards and regulations

    • Overcomes problems with cultural and language barriers

    • Consistent customer service and post sales support sustains competitive advantage

    • A focused and dedicated effort produces better results and increases sales growth faster.

Just as a dedicated sales department is necessary for the U.S. market, significant results in international markets can best be achieved with a focused and committed effort, one that requires a different set of specialized skills and expertise. Using an intermediary makes marketing resources available immediately that smaller firms would need years to develop on their own.

Whether you are new to the prospect of exporting, or presently handling limited international orders, there is no substitute for a well planned, dedicated and focused international sales program. Collaborating with 121mcv Sales and Marketing provides a ready solution to entering new markets that is more cost-effective than doing it in-house, reduces risk and achieves sales growth faster than going it alone.

121mcv's International Sales service will help you achieve early customer wins and rapid market penetration using sales personnel expert in your technology sector and market verticals. However, you are concerned with the significant operational risks, substantial up-front costs and management overheads typically associated with this challenge; 121mcv has the answer.

121mcv will maximise your short term return on investment , minimise your up-front cost and risk exposure while establishing a commercially viable presence going forward Over the years 121mcv has successfully helped companies enter or further expand their presence in the UK,EU and the world wide.