Event Optimisation

Event Optimization

Events Promotion / Optimisation

121mcv are well positioned to assist in making such events a success as we have a comprehensive database of end-users, IT contacts, business owners and creative service at your disposal.

121mcv will can increase the exposure of your event 's by creating a special HTML document for the event. HTML documnets can also be used as a website page and email flyer, this will increases the chances of your event listing showing up in internet searches.

Your event might be a one-off or a regular event, examples include Seminars, Exhibitions, Workshops , Webinars, Open Days, New Products, New Services , Networking events.

Optimising your event

We offer a number of services: eMarketing - Telemarketing - Databases - Social Media Development andHTML disegn to help you promote your event.

Specific aspects we are able to support include

  • Identifying Potential Delegates

  • Companies and individuals

  • Promoting and Awareness

  • Publicising to a targeted market

  • Audience Acquisition

  • Gaining a commitment and registrations

  • Attendance Confirmation

  • Final verification of turnout

  • Post-Event follow up - Feedback and/or to agree next course of action

Typical Objectives

  • To compile a list of target attendees

  • To boost attendance

  • To outsource the pre and post event confirmation of delegates


Compiling a list of target attendees will typically be done through a combination of searching data held by 121mcv within Prospect Base, any appropriate client/third party records and, if necessary, a telemarketing assignment to profile key data.

Promoting, gaining commitment and confirmation will be done through an agreed blend emailing and telephone calls from a 121mcv Telemarketer.


The list of target attendees can be submitted to the you for checking prior to any calling and emailing activity. An agreed activity plan will be maintained and published by 121mcv. A report on daily activity and results will be circulated. Individual reports on any post-event follow up will be delivered by 121mcv.